EMI Courses overview 2021

 Instruction for UEH Lecturers


  1. Course Duration: Each level (A/B) has 25 hours of class time across ten 2.5h lessons


  1. Entry: Minimum Entry is speaking ability at IELTS 5.


  1. Target Participants: Those in the IELTS 5.5-7.0 proficiency range

Combined with boosting English proficiency via the ILACS IELTS course pathway, this course will improve ability and confidence in participants who….

  • Are currently teaching in English or will soon
  • Want exposure to and practice with essential language structures for teaching in English.
  • Want practice delivering their subject content in
  • Want lesson planning ideas, which they can incorporate into your


  1. Basic Lesson Structure: Each lesson will have 3-4 main components A: Language/Theoretical input and practice

B: Practice and demonstration activity practice- from participants demonstrating short activity types introduced in the previous lesson

C: New demonstration activity types- from the instructor (2 per lesson) D: Practice teaching sequence

  1. Lesson content and source material: The courses will not use a single set text. Rather, the instructor will focus on areas of language development that might be needed for a given group while introducing week by week the essential teaching language and discourse needed to effectively deliver content lessons in English. Some sample sources of lesson material are bulleted below. See section 9 below for more
    • The TKT Course CLIL Module by Spratt, Pulverness &
    • Teaching Other Subjects Through English by Deller &
    • Classroom Management Techniques by Scrivener
    • Various other materials will be used as sources for specific language points/lesson input


  1. Teaching practice: At the start of the course participants will choose one ten-minute teaching sequence that they either want to teach in English or do already teach in English but want to improve and practice further. From lesson 3 to lesson 8 two to four participants (depending on the class size) will practice their sequence in front of the class and receive feedback from their peers and the teacher. They will then reflect and improve their sequence as needed before teaching it a final time in lesson 9 or


  1. Course completion: Those who participate in at least 8 of the 10 sessions and take part in both the initial and final teaching practice will receive a course completion


8.     Curriculum Detail: EMI A


Language/Theoretical input

Demonstration activity name/purpose


·        Course introduction, background, EMI vs CLIL, key concepts, why teach in English?

·        Introducing and Concluding lessons

·        Choose your teaching sequence

·        Ask me your questions / Giving new information

·        Right one in / Teaching key terminology


·        Signposting and phases of a lesson

·        Cognitive skills

·        Co-operative listening / Giving new information

·        Visual dictation / using charts and diagrams, revision


·        Instructions and activity set up

·        Learning skills

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Scan the text / Giving new information

·        Summarizing / Writing


·        Setting up and managing group work

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Summarizing / picking out key info, writing, learning key info.

·        Call or bluff / remembering important facts


·        Functions (for teaching and for students)

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Text circles / getting new info, working in groups

·        Elastic Sentences / cause and result, editing written work


·        Monitoring and Feedback

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Add extra info / retrieving information, group work

·        What we see and what we hear / listening for key terms, predicting


·        Interaction- asking questions and responding to students

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Parroting / memorizing important concepts

·        Walk and Swap / using kinaesthetic and interpersonal intelligences, cooperative learning


·        Presenting visuals

·        Initial teaching practice

·        Questions to answers / writing and understanding terminology and definitions

·        Reading the picture / interpreting visuals, charts


Final teaching practice



Final teaching practice



emi (b) - cambridge

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